Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

Have you had your loan application rejected? Your credit report may be to blame. All lenders consider the FICO score as a reflection of borrowing history. Items like late payments drag it down. As a result, buying a car or home becomes difficult (or the interest is outrageous). When negative information is false, a credit repair company comes to the rescue.

You could gather your own reports and dispute the mistakes. However, without the know-how, it is difficult to navigate the intricacies of laws and formal correspondence. Errors have far-reaching consequences, and correcting them is a hassle. But do credit repair services really work?

Experts liaise with creditors and bureaus, working on your behalf. Reliable providers eradicate items hurting FICO scores, but this never happens overnight, as the process is so complex. The more inaccuracies — the longer it takes. For a credit repair company, complicated cases require months of diligent work.

The key question is: which credit fixer is best for you? Each provider has unique methods and charges. We have compared 17 firms. Based on reliability, effectiveness, and value for money, here are seven top picks of 2021. Choose a credit repair company using our detailed analysis.

7 Best Credit Repair Companies for 2021

In 2021, the effective repair is accessible, and it does not entail great expense. Discover seven trusted names in the industry. These providers offer flexible bundles of services and clear affordable pricing. They have solutions for cases with different levels of complexity.

Discover how credit repair prices and packages compare. You do not have to buy an advanced product if there are just a few errors to remove. Pay every month or choose a flat rate — there are options for all budgets. However, be wary of setup fees. Not all companies charge them, but they may be substantial.

Below, you will find a detailed review of each of our recommended providers. We consider the number of years in business, reputation, and the BBB rating of each company. Their service packages are described in detail. The lists of pros and cons will also help you make a decision more easily. Here are top-7 firms that restore credit score:

  1. Credit Saint: Best Overall
  2. Lexington Law: Best Value for Money
  3. Sky Blue Credit Repair: Most Affordable
  4. Best App
  5. The Credit People: Quickest Results
  6. The Credit Pros: Best Comprehensive Packages
  7. Ovation Credit Services: Best Educational Services

Credit Saint

Credit Saint

In business since 2004

Based in: New Jersey

BBB Rating: A+

Monthly fee: $79.99 — $119.99

Pros & Cons
3 repair plans
Credit monitoring (most packages)
Money-back guarantee (90 days)
Difficult to find the pricing structure online
Substantial first work fees
Limited disputes in the cheapest plans
Available in some states only

This credit repair company has maintained a stellar BBB rating for over a decade. It also offers impressive value for money. Thousands of customers have fixed their score thanks to this provider.

The introductory consultation is free. The staff examines your FICO status to see where the problems stem. Next, they reach out to three credit bureaus to have inaccuracies removed. You may get rid of:

  • collections,
  • overdue payments,
  • repossessions,
  • bankruptcies,
  • liens,
  • foreclosures,
  • judgments,
  • credit inquiries.

Each of the three service packages includes an analysis of your score, a monitoring tool, and challenges to federal bureaus. Additional credit repair services vary.

  • The Credit Polish package ($99 first work fee + $79.99 monthly) entitles you to five challenges of items per period.
  • The Credit Remodel package ($99 first work fee + $99.99 monthly) includes 10 challenges, inquiry targeting, and Experian-based monitoring.
  • The Clean Slate package ($195 first work fee + $119.99 monthly) includes everything in the Credit Remodel with unlimited challenges and sending of cease & desist letters on your behalf.

Customers monitor progress in real-time via the online dashboard. There is also a 90-day money-back guarantee. Overall, it is the best credit repair provider in 2021.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law

  • In business since 2004
  • Based in: Utah
  • BBB Rating: C (not accredited)
  • Monthly fee: $89.95 to $129.95
Pros & Cons
Free initial consultation
Fast repair result
Discounts (for veterans, students, and other categories)
User-friendly app
Not BBB accredited
Billing and collections issues
Cancellations may get complicated

This fixer is the biggest in the country. It is also among the best credit repair companies in 2021. The total number of removals is a staggering 56+ million! The company improves scores affected by:

  • identity theft,
  • military service,
  • student debt,
  • medical expenses, or
  • divorce.

First, the staff obtains and scrutinizes copies of your reports. Then they challenge inaccuracies by sending disputes on your behalf. There are three service bundles overall.

  • The Concord standard service ($89.95 monthly) is the cheapest. You get challenges to lenders and three major bureaus. This is one of the most affordable credit repair options.
  • The Concord premier package is a bit pricier ($109.95 monthly). In addition to basic services, it unlocks analysis of your score, TransUnion notifications, and hard inquiry removal.
  • PremierPlus is the most comprehensive ($129.95 monthly). Aside from identity theft protection, it includes cease and desist letters, a score monitoring tool, and a system for personal finance management.

Admittedly, this credit repair law firm does not have the lowest prices. However, the quality is superb. While the company is repairing your credit, you can keep an eye on the progress via a dashboard. In addition, the company suggests techniques for quicker repair.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • In business since 1989
  • Based in: Florida
  • BBB Rating: C (not accredited)
  • Monthly fee: $79
Pros & Cons
Clear fixed rates
Money-back guarantee (90 days)
Discounts for couples
Not BBB accredited
Setup fee

This company delivers great value with maximized transparency. It has been in business for over 30 years! Instead of dividing the best credit repair services between packages, it charges a flat monthly fee. You pay as long as you need assistance with the repair of records. For $79, you get access to the full spectrum of services.

Every 35 days, the company will challenge up to 15 negative items. It contacts three major bureaus, sending five challenges to each. Rivals who charge a monthly fee often do this less frequently — between 45 and 60 days on average.

Upon registration, a customer gets a thorough analysis of borrowing history that highlights any negative errors. Then customized disputes and redispute letters (if necessary) are sent on your behalf. Sky Blue Credit Repair also checks if the statute of limitation has expired for any of your items.

The first six days (when the reports are collected) are free for every customer. Subsequently, they are given a 90-day money-back guarantee. There are no contracts — you may cancel at any time.

Overall, Sky Blue is a great budget option. The company will wipe out various report errors and send challenges to all major bureaus. It also stands out thanks to its flat monthly fee and six days of free credit repair services.

  • In business since 2012
  • Based in: Florida
  • BBB Rating: D (not accredited)
  • Monthly fee: $69.95 to $119.95
Pros & Cons
Comprehensive educational resources online
Free mobile apps
Text and email alerts
Trusted partnerships (e.g., Mint)
Score tracker and analysis
50% off setup fee when signing up with a friend or relative
Credit report not included
Not BBB accredited
One-time fee for all plans

This company has removed over 1.8 million negative items. It offers free online evaluation, a free summary of negative items, and a free credit repair recommendation. There are three packages, each with a monthly and a one-time fee. The latter is $14.99 for Direct and Standard Packages and $4.95 for Advanced.

  • The most affordable Direct package allows 15 items challenges and three lender disputes per month. The recurrent fee ($69.95) is one of the lowest for credit repair agencies.
  • The Standard monthly package ($99.95) gives a few extras. The firm sends cease & desist letters, provides quarterly credit score analysis, hard inquiry challenges, and 24/7 status monitoring.
  • The priciest Advanced plan ($119.95) is the most comprehensive. Up to 19 items are challenged monthly, with up to six disputes. The extras include personal finance tools, a monthly FICO score, and protection against identity theft with $1 million insurance. is one of the best credit repair companies. Its rate structure is crystal clear, and the mobile app is the best in the industry. It works on both iOS and Android.

The Credit People

The Credit People

  • In business since 2001
  • Based in: Utah
  • BBB Rating: C+ (not accredited)
  • Monthly fee: from $79
Pros & Cons
Free credit guide for email signup
Promo codes for discounts
60-day money-back guarantee (refund of last month’s payment)
Fast credit repair services (less than 60 days)
FCRA certification
Limited Packages
Not BBB accredited

This company has an unbeatable customer rating. It has been mentioned in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and SmartMoney. Since 2004, Credit People has wiped almost 1.5 million negative items off clients’ reports.

One of the key advantages is the billing system. There are just two options with no difference in the services.

  • In the first case (Monthly), in exchange for a $19 set-up fee, you get a 7-day trial. Subsequently, the charge is $79 per month. Clients may cancel at any time.
  • The Flat Rate Membership requires an upfront payment of $419 for a 6-month repair process. After 60 days, you can get your money back. In comparison, over half a year, you pay less than with a monthly plan.

The company promises to boost your score by 53 to 187 points. According to its website, 78% of its clients have been approved for auto loans, and 71% for home loans. The average improvement rate is 32%.

Credit People is a trusted company with impressive credit repair reviews and speeds. Unlimited disputes, simplified costs, 24/7 account access, FCRA certification, and excellent support (toll-free) make it one of the best credit help companies in 2021.

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros


  • In business since 2009
  • Based in: New Jersey
  • BBB Rating: A-
  • Monthly fee: from $69 to $149
Pros & Cons
FCRA certified experts
Unlimited disputes
Budgeting tools
Free first consultation
Identity theft protection
Relatively high setup fees
Not available in all states
No money-back guarantee

This fast-growing provider offers solutions for a vast range of needs from score monitoring to all-in-one repair. There is a flexible choice of repair packages. Customers have three bundle options:

  • The entry-level package is Money Management ($69 per month). The company will repair the credit score for one debt repayment account. You also get help with snowball or avalanche repayment, Transunion monitoring, identity protection, dark web monitoring, and the CashRules budgeting tool.
  • The Prosperity Package ($69 per month) is suitable for most clients. It involves AI-based communication with the three biggest bureaus. In addition, the company offers unlimited correspondence: cease and desist letters to collectors, debt validation, and goodwill letters to lenders. The cherry on the cake is the one-on-one action plan with a credit repair specialist certified by FICO.
  • The Success Package ($149 per month) also includes a guaranteed credit line of $1,500. It helps clients build a positive borrowing history, as the information goes directly to Transunion and Experian.

The company has high first work fees ($199 for the first two packages and $149 for Success). Still, it is found at the top of credit repair company reviews thanks to unlimited disputes and money management tools. Ongoing monitoring and identity protections come with any plan.

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services

  • In business since 1976 (incorporated in 2004)
  • Based in: Florida
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Monthly fee: from $79 to $109
Pros & Cons
Multiple discounts
Free first-time one-on-one consultation
Mobile app
High first work fee
No money-back guarantee

This provider’s history spans over four decades, and it has the best credit repair companies BBB rating. One of the most well-established debt fixers in the USA, Ovation Credit Services is a partner of LendingTree and TransUnion. It has helped over 120,000 people remedy their scores.

  • The Essentials Plan ($89 first work fee + $79 monthly) includes all basic dispute services. A personal case advisor will suggest the best options for your situation. Clients are also provided with digital tools for financial management.
  • The Essentials Plus Plan ($89 first work fee + $109 monthly) is the most popular. It includes all core components plus extras for more complex cases. First, the number of challenge validation letters and goodwill letters is unlimited. You also get monitoring from Transunion and an official recommendation letter from Ovation. The package includes identity theft alerts and assistance with loan applications.

Whether you have a few or many errors to remove, this could be the best company to fix a credit score. In addition to repair, it offers multiple extras. First, its educational services (e.g., information on loans, interest rates, etc.) are plentiful. Secondly, every client gets a free one-on-one consultation with an analyst. The specialist will review your report and suggest ways to resolve problems with loan qualification, violations, etc.

What is Credit Repair?

So, how does credit repair work? It is a mistake to think it is only necessary for people with bad borrowing history. Unfortunately, almost anyone needs it sooner or later. Problematic items on a report are not always accurate, but the consequences are far-reaching.

Our recommended credit clean-up companies will give your score a boost. The higher it is — the lower the interest for new loans. By improving their status, consumers get better conditions from lenders. For instance, if your FICO score is 580, you may qualify for a single mortgage option. Meanwhile, someone with 780 will have a wider choice.

Repairing your status may save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Not only will the interest be lower — but you will also be able to borrow more. To help you, credit fixing companies will remove or minimize negative information. They identify errors and dispute them on your behalf.

Today, the Fair Credit Reporting Act obliges all bureaus to report only accurate information. Mistakes may include someone else’s collection accounts or accounts with poor history (for example, of a spouse), open balances you have already paid off, etc. When these errors are deleted, your score improves automatically. Note that instant credit repair is impossible — it takes months.

Remember that negative items may not be removed if they are accurate. In this case, you should focus on improving your status through responsible borrowing. The debt help firm may also provide a credit line for this purpose.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

To help you, the company will first establish what items are dragging the score down. It will start by obtaining a copy of your reports from all major bureaus. Every individual is also entitled to one free copy per year. This is guaranteed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. To download it, head to or call (877) 322-8228.

The next stage is analysis. Your documents are sent to debt repair professionals who review them and find inaccuracies. Typical errors include wrong balances, incorrect personal details, and flaws in data management. The firm needs to identify the culprits and take measures to correct them through formal communication.

Of course, these mistakes are not easy to wipe off. Credit professionals cannot succeed without evidence to challenge false items. Building a case is part of their job. It requires time — from several days to several weeks. Many low-cost credit repair companies allow you to pay as you go.

The dispute and proof are provided to the respective bureaus. By law, each has 30 days to respond. They inform the service provider if any corrections have been made and why.

These services should not be confused with counseling. First, the goal of the credit repair business is to bring profit. These companies have a narrow focus and limited paid services. In comparison, counseling agencies take a holistic view of financial health and educate clients to help them borrow responsibly. While their guidance is free, you need to fix the score yourself.

How to Choose Reputable Credit Repair Services?

how to choose credit repair company

Bad credit is a common issue, and repair is in high demand. Choosing a reputable provider is a challenge, as scams and incompetence are wide-spread. First, make sure the provider abides by the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Next, find out about their setup (aka ‘first work’) fee. Fixing may get pricey. Few legitimate credit repair companies charge clients upfront. If the setup fee is substantial, this constitutes a violation of the mentioned regulations. Check our tips for weeding out scammers in the FAQ section below.

The statute also prescribes the money-back guarantee period. By law, every provider has to render services in full before charging the client. Firms that require a monthly fee allow you to get a refund within 30-90 days. This way, they manage to circumvent the restrictions. However comforting this guarantee is, it should not be the deciding factor.

Customer service is also worth considering. You should have easy access to competent professionals who will guide you through every stage. The best teams track their clients’ scores 24/7 and notify them of any changes. They will inform you about any challenges or disputes related to your report. Please note that there is no guaranteed credit repair — even reputable firms only have a money-back guarantee.

Finally, check if you can get the introductory consultation for free. This service is helpful even if your records are generally in order. A provider can still identify room for improvement. For example, questionable charge-offs, tax liens, and late payments decrease your score.


People wishing to remedy their FICO scores find it difficult to make the right choice. First, there are numerous companies with aggressive marketing on the market, and their offerings differ. Which firm should you choose, and which package is optimal in your case?

Next, pricing raises a lot of questions. Every provider has a unique system of rates, and their structure may be confusing. Nobody wants to be ripped off. So, what price is fair?

Some people also wonder if they can manage the process themselves. In fact, a trusted credit repair company does not do anything you cannot do on your own. However, it can offer unbeatable advantages worth learning about.

In this section, we provide answers to the most common questions. Learn how to correct the score by yourself, and why this is a hassle. Not every consumer has the knowledge and patience to succeed in it. If it was easy, credit repair services would not exist! Still, we have included key tips for those determined to take up the challenge.

Discover ways to spot scammers and protect your data. Unfortunately, fraud is not uncommon. In the US, criminals launch fake websites to collect private data. We have analyzed common red flags to help you stay safe.

Finally, the section also includes a breakdown of typical services. Clients should know exactly what they are paying for. Study the paragraphs below to find the most reliable, responsive, and suitable service provider in your area.

How Can I Fix My Credit for Free?

By now, you may be wondering, ‘Can I repair my credit for free?’ Yes, the law gives you an opportunity to fix your own status — of course, if you have the time and knowledge to do it properly. These days, credit monitoring is quick and easy thanks to mobile technologies and protection under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You do not have to pay to fix credit.

Install a special app (for instance, Credit Sesame). It will show your current FICO score and its components at any time. Inaccuracies are easy to spot. Suppose you took out a student loan and never missed payments. What if the app suddenly shows a 90-days-late note? You know this information is false.

Compare reports from all three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). This is necessary because each lender may report to just one of them. Bureaus do not share information, and each report will look different.

Can My Bank Help Me Fix My Credit?

Yes, if it is your only lender. After negotiating with the bank to clarify the inaccuracies, you need to contact the bureaus to have them deleted. Provide evidence like copies of bank account statements. You will have to navigate the intricacies of formal communication, which could be troublesome.

To conclude, fixing one’s own score is feasible. You do not have to pay a company to do it. Still, professionals will save your time and make the process hassle-free. As our reviews show, cheap credit repair exists.

How Much Should I Be Charged for Credit Repair?

Each company has its unique rates. Typically, services are bundled into packages, from basic to premium. The cost may comprise a monthly fee and a setup fee (also called ‘first work fee’). On average, monthly charges vary between $79 and $129.

When evaluating credit repair cost, it is crucial to consider the total duration. Most commonly, the process involves a few months of work but lasts up to a year in total. If you pay as you go, longer means more expensive.

Some firms have a flat monthly fee. Others have a results-based system or pay-per-deletion credit repair. In this case, you pay for each negative item they remove. Your choice should be based on your needs. When there are several questionable items, you will save money if you pay for the result. If there are a dozen minor problems, the costs could be lower with a credit repair one-time fee.

Check if the provider has a money-back guarantee. In this business, the result is never certain. However, customers may be allowed to cancel at any time or get a refund (usually, this applies to their last monthly payment). Please note that you cannot pay for the removal of any accurate negative items — this is impossible.

To cut costs, consider special software. It will allow you to navigate reports and bureaus more easily. One of the best examples is TurboScore Home. Prices vary between $40 and $400, but you may also find freemium and buy exclusive features.

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams?

Good credit repair companies always give straight answers. They are crystal clear. If you suspect that any information is misleading, be wary. A respectable firm will never advise you against contacting the federal bureaus.

Only scammers give a 100% guarantee of results. They manipulate borrowers to harvest credit card details and Social Security numbers. You may also encounter unscrupulous fixers who suggest creating a new identity and report.

The provider must protect your privacy. Any attempt to misrepresent information is a red flag. Here are typical tell-tale signs revealed by credit repair comparison:

Sloppy Website Design

The ‘https://’ segment of a URL tells you that the website uses encryption for personal information. If it starts with the ordinary ‘http://’, leave immediately.

Unprofessional-looking Email Addresses

The staff of a trusted company will use the same domain as its website. Personal addresses at Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. are never used.

Negative Feedback And Reviews

Always consider the best credit repair reviews before signing up. Google the organization, check BBB and TrustPilot. Feedback from customers is also found on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. However, their opinions should not make or break a company.

Payment Upfront

If the firm requires a huge advance payment, this is fishy. It does not always signify a scam, though.

No Phone Number

A firm without a phone number is often a fake company. Even if you prefer other means of communication, it is obligatory. If a number is provided, try calling it to see if it really works.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Remove Negative Items?

Every company has its own methods for repairing bad credit. These are used to remove inaccuracies and raise your score. The most common techniques are the following.

  1. Goodwill Letters. These letters to your lenders ask them to delete specific information submitted to bureaus. They are sent by most providers. The goal is to have negative items removed from your reports. This method is not effective in 100% of cases, but it is still worth trying.
  2. Cease and Desist Letters. These letters are addressed to lenders or debt collection agencies involved. The firm formally asks them to stop bothering you. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a customer makes this request to a debt collecting firm, it must be granted.
  3. Debt Validation Letters. In these letters, the firm requests evidence that the debt is valid or within the statute of limitations. If the recipient (lender or debt collection agency) fails to provide any proof, the debt must be deleted from your report.
  4. Fixing Inaccurate Information. Every customer is assigned a personal care advisor. They will examine your reports looking for inaccuracies and disputable items. In case of identity theft, this service is particularly helpful.
  5. Negative Item Challenges. By law, every consumer can dispute any items on their reports. A credit bureau responds within 30 days after receiving such letters. Different credit fixers offer different amounts of disputes and challenges per billing cycle. If the former is unlimited, the latter may be fixed (e.g., 10 challenges per month).

How Do We Rank Credit Repair Companies?

We follow strict procedures to find the best-rated credit repair companies. Every fixer is evaluated based on the same set of criteria. In the end, we come up with a verdict to help customers choose the most suitable provider in their case.

Fair and accurate representation is our priority. In the analysis, we pay attention to various aspects of repair services in 2021. Primarily, our focus is on:

  • experience (years in business)
  • rating and accreditation with Better Business Bureau
  • transparency
  • range of services in each package
  • value for money

In 2021, there are a plethora of credit repair companies, but not all of them are created equal. Scam artists set up new websites to obtain credit card details and Social Security numbers. They prey on borrowers who have no time or experience to navigate intricate consumer credit laws.

High-quality assistance should not cost a fortune. With our top credit repair companies, these services are affordable and transparent. There are basic packages with bare essentials and more advanced bundles. Consumers can find the best value for money — monthly payments or flat rates. Not only should a credit repair firm deliver high-quality results — but they should also be reasonably priced.

Finding the best credit repair company is challenging. We recommend names that have been in business for at least eight years. These companies are known for reliability and speed. Their services suit the needs of different categories of clients. There is a solution for every case, from basic to complex.


Use reputable credit repair services to improve your score and borrowing conditions. The companies on our list are well-established and trusted debt fixers. Their key strengths are flexible costs, clarity, and speed. They cover a wide spectrum of needs, from monitoring to an overall improvement to fast credit repair for mortgages.