About us

LegalCreditRepairServices.com was founded in 2007. Our mission is to help consumers navigate the world of lending and credit repair. We conduct an in-depth analysis of providers so readers can access affordable borrowing again.

Errors on credit reports make loans inaccessible or expensive. Due to system imperfections, even model borrowers have less-than-perfect scores sometimes. Late payments, dubious charge-offs, and other negative items may be false. Correction is a daunting process, as there are so much misinformation and legal intricacies. We find the best firms that can fix the FICO score for you.

How Do LegalCreditRepairServices.com Work?

In credit repair, there are no guaranteed results. We explain how scores are calculated and fixed. Our reviews of leading providers in the United States are based on comprehensive assessment. We look at every company’s history, reputation, BBB rating, services, pricing, and customer feedback. We are focused on finding the best value for money, so our readers can fix their scores quickly.

Credit repair companies are not created equal. They offer different packages and rates. Making the right choice is your first step towards success. It is crucial to avoid firms that lack transparency, get negative feedback or face legal action. Use our advice to make informed decisions. We draw conclusions after meticulous analysis of the pros and cons.

We identify firms that are adept at collecting evidence and disputing errors. They liaise with creditors and bureaus to have mistakes removed. As negative items vanish, the scores rise. Loans are easier to get, and interest rates are lower. It is the ultimate goal of credit repair. LegalCreditRepairServices.com constantly monitors the industry. It helps readers find providers that deliver on their promises.

Unfair credit scores affect millions of borrowers. Fortunately, mistakes can be removed. Learn about the best companies in your area, and make the first step! As we have done the research, all you need is the intent and willpower to make a change!

Our Staff

LegalCreditRepairServices.com was launched by a team of credit experts and journalists committed to a shared goal. Our staff are focused on providing accurate and well-structured information on credit improvement and personal finance. Since 2007, we have been quoted by well-established sources like:

  • investopedia.com,
  • HuffPost,
  • MarketWatch,
  • LendingTree,
  • Bankrate, and
  • Business Insider.

James R. Jefferson, the founder and chief editor, has been analyzing the industry for two decades. Born in 1979 into a working-class family, he once struggled with borrowing. The experience of overcoming bad credit inspired him to start LegalCreditRepairServices.com. Now, James helps consumers improve their financial literacy. He defines his personal mission as spreading clear and actionable credit advice. Feel free to send him a letter (4728 Burwell Heights Road, Nederland, TX 77627). Contact Info: [email protected].

We are grateful for any feedback, so contact us at any time! If you have comments or questions, email us. We are also expanding our presence and reach on social media. Follow LegalCreditRepairServices.com on Facebook and Twitter to get notified about new content.

Exchange experience with other users, inspire and be inspired! The team at LegalCreditRepairServices.com responds to comments as soon as possible. Our online communities are growing, so more people can fix their credit scores.

Feel free to suggest new topics for research. We are thankful to everyone who shares real stories of overcoming credit issues. We love interacting with our audience, and first-hand accounts are priceless. If you have personal experience with credit repair, share your insights!