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Bad credit scores have far-reaching consequences. Companies like help customers remove inaccuracies that tarnish their reports. This makes borrowing cheaper and more accessible.

The firm has been operating since 2012 — less than its biggest competitors. At the moment, its reputation is far from ideal. We have looked at the latest reviews to identify key strengths and weaknesses.

The company provides a broad scope of services. It covers all types of common needs, from simple to tricky. The pricing is fairly competitive, but there are quite a few red flags. Despite the company’s ads, reliability is questionable. reviews highlight various issues with the services, and there are more alarming signs.

The official website publicizes the firm’s successes. It claims to have removed credit issues and restored customers’ scores. But can you trust self-promotion? reviews over the past three years say otherwise. Learn more below.

What Is

This privately held company offers a wide spectrum of fixing services. It is headquartered in Utah and has been operating since 2012. As CreditRepair is less than a decade old, it is much younger than many of its competitors. is a straightforward website with clear navigation. It features customer testimonials and the company’s partners.

Three bundles of services, from basic to aggressive, cover all typical needs. Even the most affordable plan includes identity theft protection and monitoring of the FICO score. The repair process has three steps (Check, Challenge, Change). This formula is understandable for everyone.

The company finds inaccuracies and disputes them to clean the customer’s credit report. There are no other add-ons, and fees are average for the industry.

The website includes a comprehensive library of free resources. Any visitor can use hundreds of free articles. These cover different aspects of financial literacy, from borrowing to savings.

In recent years, has been criticized by many of its customers. Complaints and government action show that the quality of its services is debatable. These days, many people wonder, “Is legit?”

Pros vs Cons of


On the one hand, any review shows substantial benefits. First, every customer gets their initial evaluation free of charge. They learn about the FICO score, negative items on the reports, and ways to remove them.

Secondly, there are three convenient packages, each with a particular number of disputes. Credit repair member services are comprehensive, as customers may want simple, moderate, or advanced repair. Two of the options include in-house credit monitoring and alerts.

Through the proprietary app, customers can track progress. There is also a wide library of educational resources. You do not have to sign up to use the articles, videos, and interactive calculators on the site.

On the downside, feedback is quite poor. Reviews on credit repair platforms describe negative customer experience. The absence of clear pricing on the site is another red flag. You cannot see the cost before enrolling. Hidden fees are also possible, and there is no list of service areas. Understandably, this causes many people to think is a scam.

The absence of a money-back guarantee is truly alarming. Many credit repair companies provide refunds. Some competitors (e.g., Sky Blue Credit Repair) have unconditional policies. CreditRepair will not give your money back if you do not like their services. These are glaring deterrents. Now that key credit repair pros and cons are clear, what measures does the firm take exactly?

How Does Work?

how does work takes standard steps to repair your score. After you sign up, the company will gather your credit reports from three major bureaus. This is necessary, as a lender may send data to any of them, and the agencies do not share information. Customers may use login to track progress.

The company experts compare and scrutinize the reports to provide a convenient summary. They look for inaccurate negative items, such as charge-offs or tax liens. Such invalid information lowers the score unfairly. The team liaises with creditors and bureaus to remove it.

Three tiers of services are suitable for the typical range of cases. Each option offers a particular number of disputes per month, a monitoring system, and a level of support. The pricing is average for the industry.

The firm collects evidence to challenge the inaccuracies. It sends formal letters to lenders and credit bureaus, so these mistakes are corrected. Every deletion has a positive effect on your score.

The process takes six months on average, and members of CreditRepair com are provided with digital tracking tools. These include a mobile app, an online dashboard, and a score tracker. The company also sends alerts by text and email. This is an impressive range. But is safe? Unfortunately, this is doubtful. Pricing Pricing

The company has three service plans. The service bundles cases of different complexity. However, the website features only one — the most popular option worth $99.95 per month. In addition, customers pay a fee to have their reports collected.

This is another drawback underscored by CreditRepair com consumer reviews. At the moment, this service costs $14.99. Clearly, the pricing is not transparent enough. On the upside, you may cancel at any time without penalty — there are no contracts.

  1. Direct Plan is the cheapest bundle ($14.99 upfront and $69.95 per month). The company will monitor your score and liaise with three credit bureaus through dispute letters. Three creditor interventions are allowed, but there is also $25,000 identity theft protection insurance. This plan is only suitable for customers with a few errors.
  2. Standard Plan ($14.99 upfront and $99.95 per month) is a decent intermediate option. There are more creditor interventions (6). Monitoring and identity theft protection are also included.
  3. Advanced Plan ($4.95 upfront and $119.95 per month) is designed for complex cases. There are 8 interventions, and the value of identity theft protection rises to $1 mln.

Your fee for the first month of service is called the ‘first work fee.’ This way, the company (like many of its rivals) circumvents the Credit Repair Organizations Act. By law, credit fixers may not charge fees upfront. For a consumer, the difference in terms does not affect the total cost.

Alternatives to

Obviously, this company is not the only provider on the market. Most often, it is compared to rivals like Lexington Law and Credit Saint. Here is a basic comparison of the three.

Lexington Law

This law firm offers cutting-edge mobile tools that are highly rated by customers. Its pricing is above the average level, and the services are divided into several tiers. All customers receive a free consultation, and there is no setup fee.

Like CreditRepair, the company does not provide any money-back guarantee. This is an important disadvantage. What is even more menacing is the recent government action against the firm. The volume of credit repair complaints has been growing.

Credit Saint

Credit Saint charges even more than Lexington Law. The first work fee alone will set you back $99 — $195! On the upside, it is difficult to ignore the extensive money-back guarantee. Any customer is entitled to a full refund. The condition is the absence of any changes to their credit report in 90 days. There are also tiers of services, most of which include monitoring. Lexington Law Credit Saint
In business since 1997 2003 2004
Range of services Credit repair, monitoring, identity theft protection Credit repair,

credit monitoring,

financial planning,

identity theft protection

Credit repair, credit monitoring
Customer support Phone, email, mobile app phone, email, and mobile app Phone, email, client portal
Setup fee $4.95 — $14.95 $0 $99 — $195
Monthly fee $99.95 — $119.95 $89.99 — $129.95 $119.99


Consumers looking for repair should choose providers with the utmost caution. Some of the most common concerns are pricing, support, and efficiency. Here are a few typical questions.

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CreditRepair is a relatively young company. Established in 2021, it provides a full spectrum of services. However, the number of negative feedback is alarming. Across review platforms, criticism is consistent. This means you should think twice before signing up. Check our article on the Best credit repair services to find better alternatives.
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